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Artwork by: Stephanie Pehar

Gray - by Kristopher Van Soelen

Based on the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

​"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

Inspired by Oscar Wildes masterpiece The Picture of Dorian Gray, the play explores the opulent and sensual world of contemporary art in present-day Toronto. Van Soelen asks us to question our indulgences, tastes, and the nature of human connection in this hard look at female identity and the implications of our society's obsession with beauty. 

When Jane sculpts Dorian, a naive and exquisitely beautiful woman, it is perfection - until Dorian is swept into the hedonistic and morally ambiguous world of Opal, an upscale gallery owner. As Dorian becomes more and more self-involved and destructive, the sculpture begins to absorb her acts of cruelty, while Dorian remains young and beautiful. An examination of beauty, ageing and self-indulgence, Gray contrasts the themes of the classic novel with our modern world.

Directed by: Courtney Ch'ng Lancaster
Tennille Read 
Michelle Langille 
Ximena Huizi 
Mamito Kukwikila
Edward Charette
and introducing Sydney Violet-Bristow

Set and Costume Design: Lindsay Woods
Lighting Design: Steph Raposo
Sound Design: Andy Trithardt
Stage Manager: Hannah MacMillan
Producer: Michelle Langille
Associate Producer: Emma Westray

***This is a Canadian Actor's Equity Association production under the Artists' Collective Policy***