Lesley Robertson

Lesley is a Toronto-based actress who graduated from the George Brown Theatre School in 2012.  Before that, she completed her B.A.H. at Queen's and M.A. in English Literature at U of T.  Lesley's greatest theatrical interests are classical theatre (especially Shakespeare) and clown.  Recent theatre credits:  Constance in Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet (Hart House Theatre)​, Ellie Poole in You Can Sleep When You're Dead (Theatre Lab), Judith in My Darling Judith (Thames Theatre), Augustine in The Hystericon (Toronto Fringe 2013), the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet (Hart House), Julia in Two Gents ( Shakespeare in the Ruff), Hedda in Botched (Toronto Fringe 2012), and Jo in Little Women (George Brown). Lesley was also recently seen in an episode of Paranormal Witness.  

Photo Credit: Stephanie Pehar www.emergingphoto.ca